There are a lot of choices when it comes to loans, and if you’re a federal employee, Payday Loans might be your last resort if you happen to have poor credit. There are several companies offering loans, and as someone needing a loan, it would be a good decision to take a careful look at what Payday Loans are and how they work.

Payday Loans are usually short term loans and can have a very high interest rate depending on your credit. Loans are normally set up on a bi-weekly schedule, are normally for a limited time period, and you have to pay more for them the longer they take.

There are a lot of different items that must be included in the loan application for a Payday Loan, but these are mostly focused on the income that you have. If you have good credit then you are going to get better terms and lower interest rates on the loan than someone with poor credit.  A borrower also needs to opt for an automatic payroll deduction repayment plan. That is how the lender makes sure that the borrower won’t miss a payment, unless of course they quit or lose their job.

Payday Loans are good for emergencies, but you also need to look at the repayment options that are offered and this is extremely important.  Any time you borrow money, you are taking out a contract, and this contract needs to be considered before you sign anything. You need to be aware of what your choices are and this is important when you are borrowing money, especially for the first time.

Another viable option is getting a loan from a company that specializes in no credit check loans for postal employees.  Lightning Fast Loans is a premier provider for loans for USPS employees.  

If you’re a postal employee, hopefully you’ve also considered disability income insurance to protect yourself from loss of income.  Postal workers have the highest occurrence of severe injuries in the United States.  If you were to have an illness or injury and ended up having a lengthy time off from work… and didn’t have disability income insurance you might just need a loan!


To sum things up, do yourself a favor if the need for a loan arises and check out your options. Payday Loans for postal employees will more than likely be one option you should avoid!