Our friendly staff experts are just a phone call away, and we’re happy to help you in case you have questions regarding the completion of your loan application.

We’re also a company you can trust because we don’t use risky online forms that increase the chance of identity theft.  We ensure all your information is kept private by using safe communication tools such as email, fax, and text messaging. 

postal employee loan specialist completes loan application with client


 We strongly believe that an individual’s credit score does not necessarily reflect the credit worthiness of someone seeking to borrow money.  It’s been our experience that credit scores can often be misleading, and should not be the only criteria when evaluating a potential client’s ability to qualify for a loan.

We only provide loan services for postal employees.  This allows us to focus on and become acquainted with the needs of those working for USPS.  We also take into consideration an applicant’s length of employment, and income.  Your employment with the the postal service provides us with the confidence that anyone who works there most likely has job security.  Knowing this, we’re very confident that in most cases we will very likely have your application approved with us in a fast, easy, and professional manner. 

We’re Here To Help

At Lightning Fast Loans, we understand that unexpected situations arise.  Home appliances break down, cars need repaired, unexpected medical bills occur, and the list goes on and on.  Our job is to help you get the funds you need as quick as possible, so you can avoid the stress that can occur when you just don’t have the money when you need it the most.  Unlike most loans from banks and other financial institutions, you won’t have to wait days or even weeks to get approved.  We specialize in helping postal employees who don’t have perfect credit get a loan when it’s needed the most… and we do it fast.