USPS Allotment Loans – Fast Easy Application Process – Even With Poor Credit 

If you’re a USPS postal worker and are worried about acquiring a loan due to poor credit there’s good news. Lightning Fast Loans offers No Credit Check Loans for Postal Employees. 

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting a new car, need urgent household or auto repairs, would like to pay off existing debts, or just want to take a much needed vacation?   You can save time and avoid the hassle of applying for a loan and possible rejection because of poor credit history.


no credit check


Our no credit check USPS allotment loans do not require borrowers to undergo stringent background checks, or a lengthy application process… whether you have a good credit history or not.  If you want to borrow money without having your credit history questioned, our simple loan requirements can definitely help you get a fast loan approval.  

All the qualifications and everything you need to know about qualifying for a loan with us can be found on our application page.  We’ve been helping USPS postal workers acquire loans for over 20 years, and the application process can be completed over the phone in a very short period of time. 


Advantages of Our No Credit Check Postal allotment Loans

  • Once we receive your loan application information, the approval process is fast, and you your money is usually transferred the next business day except for Friday’s and holidays.
  • Payments are convenient and secure through PostalEase, the telephone enrollment system for Postal Employee Allotments.
  • There is never a penalty if you want to make additional payments.
  • You may pay off your loan early with no penalties.
  • You can easily check your loan balance, payment history or refinancing eligibility with a simple phone call to our toll-free customer service line at 844-640-3502.

You can also visit our FAQ’s page for more information

Loan Applicants Must be a Current Employee of USPS.


We make loans for postal employees very fast and easy. You simply have to provide us with some basic information regarding your employment along with a few documents.

Documents needed are copy of your postal ID Badge, Date of Hire, Driver’s License, Social Security or W2 with name and social security number on it.

You will also need a copy of 2 current pay stubs, copy of a current utility bill with your name and current physical mailing address, a voided check or banking statement with full account number and routing number, and a phone # where you can be reached.

All the documents can easily be sent via fax, an email attachment, or text with a file attached.  All this information can be found on our application page, and if you need help we’re just a phone call away.




If you would like to learn how to fix your credit visit here.

Fix Your Credit

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions at our Toll-Free number 844-620-3502.  Our office hours are from 9AM – 4PM Monday thru Friday.

We Look Forward to Helping You Get the Loan You Need.  Please Click the Button Below to Visit Our Application Page.


PLEASE NOTE; We only provide USPS Allotment Loans for postal employees in the following states; Michigan, Louisiana, Tennessee, Maryland, New Hampshire, Delaware, and DC.


Postal allotment loans provide an option for USPS postal employees to acquire a loan with a minimal number of requirements and favorable terms.  This includes no credit check loans, and is especially important when you need emergency cash!  In most cases a “payroll deduction plan” will be required.


  • You must be employed with the post office for a minimum of one year
  • You must physically work a minimum of 32 hours each week
  • You will most likely need a Minimum Net Take Home Pay of $800
  • You cannot be in the middle of a bankruptcy
  • Where applicable, you must be paying your State and Federal Taxes
  • You may be ineligible if you currently have other loans coming out of allotments (Ask Your Lender)

Creditors are more likely to approve a loan for USPS employees because they have a secure job, along with a steady and reliable income.  They are also aware that job security is likely to continue in most circumstances.

In most cases, loan companies offering these loans will not require a credit check.  That alone makes the application process needed to apply for a loan much quicker because there is a lot less paperwork to fill out. 


Since lenders prefer to loan money to people with a stable job, loans for postal allotment loans are considered high-priority loans for many lenders. Therefore, postal workers can usually count on getting money whenever they need it, although the above conditions (or similar conditions) may be required in most cases.


 When looking for a premier loan provider, you should inquire about the following.

  • You want to be provided with loan terms convenient for you.
  • Additional Fees.  Are there any processing fees or additional charges.
  • Check to see if there are any penalties for making additional payments or paying off your loan early.
  • Find out if your application affects your credit score.
  • Ask what your annual rate will be.  (This may depend on what state you live in).


Quite often the loan application and approval can be completed in a very short period of timeOnce approved, you can usually expect the money to be transferred the next business day via ACH.  (Fridays and holidays excluded).



Postal allotment loans are not time-consuming when it comes to the process of supplying the information needed by the lender. It’s best to gather the information below, and have it all ready when applying for a loan.  Most companies will have a Toll Free number to call if you have any questions, along with the ability to Text or Fax information required.

Loans for Postal Employees typically require the following;

  • Pay Stubs
  • Copy of Postal ID Badge
  • Date of Hire
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of Social Security card or a W2 with Name and Social Security number on it
  • Copy of a Utility Bill with your Name and Mailing Address
  • Banking Information.  Voided Check or Bank Statement with Full Account # and Routing #
  • A Phone Number Where You can be Reached


  1. The qualifications are minimal and do not require a credit check.
  2. There’s very little paperwork.
  3. Approvals are usually very fast.
  4. The interest rates are fixed for the term of the loan.
  5. You can use the money for whatever you want including emergencies, home remodeling, a vacation, a wedding etc.
  6. Refinancing is often available throughout the loan if you need more money.